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RestorFX Refinish and Retain 

On its own, RestorFX Renew will achieve the results customers and dealers seek. But when used with RestorFX Refinish advanced paint chip repair and RestorFX Retainprotective paint sealant, the results and longevity of RestorFX are even greater.

FX PaintSystem 2 01



Designed to work directly with RestorFX Renew, the RestorFX Refinish paint system effectively repairs road rash and chips in an automotive’s paint. While other solutions may create “globs” of paint in road rash or chips due to their highly-liquid form, the RestorFX paint system uses a process that always results in a flush and even fill. The paint system corrects the majority of chips and road rash, creating a nearly-flawless paint job to then restore with RestorFX Renew.




FX FinishCoat 11


RestorFX Retain is one of the most advance paint protection sealants on the market today. Designed specifically to work with RestorFX Renew as the last step in the Automotive Refinishing System, RestorFX Retain keeps a vehicle looking as it did when RestorFX Renew was first applied. Similar to a new paint job, RestorFX Renew is susceptible to daily wear and tear and damage from weather and improper care. When adding RestorFX Retain every 3 months, a vehicle’s paint finish can maintain pristine depth and luster for years to come.


RestorFX International was launched in 2006, after six years of intense research and development. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia with hundreds of partners worldwide. Over 100,000 vehicles have been renewed by the RestorFX System, with hundreds of vehicles processed daily across the globe. Learn more about our company.


With a superior product, low overhead, and flexible licensing and distribution models, partnering with RestorFX presents a truly unique business opportunity. Become a certified RestorFX Licensee or Distributor and experience new ways to diversify and grow your business. Visit our Partnership page to learn more about our partner programs and benefits.


If you are in the market to repair, renew, or simply protect your vehicles’s paint finish, look no further. Other systems claim to be like RestorFX, but there is no comparison to the results guaranteed by the RestorFX System. Fill out the information form on our Connect page and we will get you in touch with a local RestorFX Certified Technician.